Itís a myth that the Major Religions are basically the same
-Robert Fawcett, Author
The Major Religions of the World ....Revisited
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ISLAM:  There is a rift, this conflict, between Christianity and Islam.  What is it?


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"Regardless of your current religious convictions, there comes a time when each of us questions whether we are “doing it right”,….or is the grass truly greener elsewhere. Fawcett’s straightforward and refreshing approach to the Major Religions nails it down in an easy to comprehend format that allows you to make the right decision!"


H. Winston Aston
President & CEO
Jacksonville, Florida



"Everyone needs to buy 2 or 3 copies of Robert Fawcett’s book. One should be kept for personal reference and to strengthen the foundations of one’s own faith, and those of your children. The research is excellent. The other copies should be to loan-out to people who are interested in the details of one or another religion in the forefront to today’s news, or to compare their own faith with another."

 Joan Francis



"Go head-to-head with Robert Fawcett, and he will awaken your mind. With the frankness of a businessman and the passion of a salesman, he opens the major alternatives to Christian belief with simplicity and zest.

You will come away from this “fireside chat” with a new understanding of world religions, and a new appreciation of how the uniqueness of the Bible stands up under ruthless scrutiny."

The Very Rev. Peter C. Moore, D.D.
Dean & President Emeritus
Ambridge, Pennsylvania



"Fawcett’s “Revisited” would have filled an appropriate space in my briefcase while logging thousands of miles traveling to over 75 countries, particularly the Third World. Through these countries, I have been confronted by a myriad of religions and religious cultures – Fawcett’s observations provide insight into those across the sea, or across the aisle.

This read is the next best thing to sitting across from someone engaged in the fine art of conversation. Grab this book!"

Edward Korleski
      Westwind International Incorporated
      Westwind Maritime International Incorporated
Chicago, Illinois



"As a pastor, priest, and teacher, one of my greatest joys is to see someone’s faith become their own with passion, conviction, and intellect.

Robert’s exploration of his Christian faith stands in the best Anglican tradition of scripture, tradition, and reason.  I find his exploration of world religions catalytic to what is best shared between faith traditions, and what is best proclaimed as Christian truth. Enjoy Robert’s labor of love."

The Reverend Stuart Brooks Keith III

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It just isnít true.


Islam and the Major Religions of the World

Each of the major religions doesn't have a different path up the same mountain -- they are not even on the same mountain!

#1 example: Islam. Does this religion demand its followers to kill innocent people?


Virtually each and every day, we read in the newspaper, see on TV, and hear on the radio where terrorists strike innocent children and adults, killing and maiming in the name of Islam.

What do they teach, and what do they believe as compared to the other religions? Our book explains this.

Another example: Buddhism. Why have celebrities like Tiger Woods and Richard Gere turned to Buddhism?


Buddhism has left God out of its beliefs. Is it attractive to some because it is an easy path to follow?

Learn what the Buddhist is led to believe about a creator, about humankind. It's all found within the pages of our book.

So, how are all religions different?



Buddhism and the Major Religions of the World

Better, how do they answer these key questions? What do they teach, and believe as to:

  1. A creator?  Is there a God?
  2. The origin of the universe, our planet Earth?
  3. The origin of humankind?
  4. Why do we have evil and suffering?
  5. A messiah?
  6. About reconciling with God?
  7. What is each religion's role, what is their purpose?

So, this book is comparative, asking these same questions of each religion, the major religions: Judaism, Christianity, Islam, Hinduism, Buddhism.

The author is a businessman, for goodness sake!  He is not part of the Clergy, or any theological or philosophical group. The point is that itís easy to understand, to the point Ė in understandable English.

At 247 pages, the benefit to you is that you donít have to read the whole library to understand the differences.  Itís succinct, easy to read.

On top of that, included in the book are three (3) SPECIAL REPORTS, one of the reports being The Case for the Existence of God, Without a Bible or any Holy Book.

This is the key question, no doubt about it.  
Does God really exist ?

Take all the mystery out of all this confusion we read about on a daily basis, and order today!


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