Itís a myth that the Major Religions are basically the same
-Robert Fawcett, Author
The Major Religions of the World ....Revisited
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Christianity: Covenant

This is an excerpt from An Outline Of Faith, commonly called the Catechism, as found in The Book Of Common Prayer.


Old Covenant

Q. What is meant by a covenant with God?

     = A. A covenant is a relationship initiated by God, to which a body of people

            responds in faith.

Q. What is the Old Covenant?

      = A. The Old Covenant is the one given by God to the Hebrew

Q. What did God promise them?

      = A. God promised that they would be his people to bring all the
             nations of the world to him.

Q. What response did God require from the chosen people?

      = A. God required the chosen people to be faithful;
               to do justice,
               to love mercy, and
               to walk humbly with their God.

Q. Where is this Old Covenant to be found?

      = A. The covenant with the Hebrew people is to found in the books which we call the Old Testament.

Q. Where in the Old Testament is God’s will for us shown most clearly?

      = A. God’s will for us is shown most clearly in the Ten Commandments.

New Covenant


Q.  What is the New Covenant?

       = A.   The New Covenant is the new relationship with God given

                 by Jesus Christ, the Messiah, to the apostles;

                 and through them, to all who believe in him.

Q.  What did the Messiah promise in the New Covenant?

       = A.  Jesus promised to bring us into the kingdom of God, and

                give us life in all its fullness. 

Q.  What response did Jesus require?

       = A.   Jesus commanded us to believe in him, and

                 keep his commandments.


Q.  What are the commandments taught by Jesus?

       = A.   Jesus taught us the Summary of the Law, and

                 gave us the New Commandment.

Q.  What is the Summary of the Law?

                            with all your heart,

                            with all your soul,

                            with all your mind.

                This is the first, and the great commandment.

                 And, the second is like it:

                      You shall love your neighbor as yourself.

Q.  What is the New Commandment?

       = A.    The New Commandment is that we love one another as

                  Jesus loves us.

Q.  Where may we find what Christians believe about Jesus?

       = A.   What Christians believe about Jesus is found in the

                 Scriptures (the Bible), and summed up in the creeds.

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It is a myth that the Major Religions are basically the same.

It just isn't true. They don't have a different path up the same mountain -- they are not even on the same mountain!

Judaism says there is a God, and the way to him is to fulfil God's will which is found most clearly in The 10 Commandments.

Islam says there is a God, but the way to him is that we must obey Muhammad, and therefore, the discipline of the Koran's teachings.

Hinduism says there is a God, but we have to go through reincarnation to get to him, from sub-human form to human form to improve the soul.

Christianity says there is a God, Jesus died on the cross for our sins (he removed that burden from each of us), and he is the way to God.

Buddhism says there is no God.

The other isms have their own twist.

Which is correct?

The book is succinct, and gets to the core issues -- the key questions. You do not have to read the entire library to understand the differences among the religions.

Further, this book makes it simple: it asks the same questions of each religion as to its beliefs and teachings.

What does each religion teach as to a Creator?  The origin of the universe, our planet Earth?  The origin of humankind?  The origin of evil and suffering?  A messiah?  About reconciling with God?  Each religion's role, what is their purpose?


Christianity Major Religions